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   Today, acupuncture is receiving wide acceptance as a respected, valid, and effective form of health care.  When most people think about acupuncture they are familiar with its use for pain control.  However, acupuncture has been shown effective in treating a variety of other conditions such as hormonal, digestive and immune disorders.  (See below for a more complete list).  Acupuncture and modern medicine combined together have the potential to support, strengthen, and nurture a patient back to vital health and well-being.

   I am dedicated to providing personal and gentle acupuncture care to each patient. You are welcome to schedule a free consultation if you have questions about acupuncture or Chinese herbs, or refer to the section of FAQ's on this website.  I look forward to seeing you!

Kim Casares  


Effective January 1, 2018, Rocky Mountain Acupuncture Center will be closed until further notice.

I am referring patients to Eric Richards, L.Ac., who practices with Associates in Family Medicine (Horsetooth and Shields), ph 970-204-0300.

Any further updates will be posted on this page.

Thank you,

Kim Casares

“There is sufficient evidence of acupuncture’s value to expand its use into conventional medicine.”
– NIH, 1997 Consensus of Acupuncture

What can acupuncture treat?

bullet  Addiction
bullet  Allergies/asthma
bullet  Anxiety/depression
bullet  Arthritis/joint pain
bullet  Back Pain/sciatica
bullet  Bladder problems
bullet  Constipation
bullet  Chronic fatigue
bullet  Cough
bullet  Dizziness
bullet  Digestive disorders
bullet  Elbow pain/tennis elbow
bullet  Frozen shoulder/shoulder pain
bullet  Gynecological problems
bullet  Headache/migraine
bullet  High blood pressure
bullet  Immune system deficiency
bullet  Insomnia
bullet  Irritable bowel syndrome
bullet  Menopausal symptoms
bullet  Neck pain
bullet  Nausea
bullet  PMS/menstrual pain
bullet  Post-stroke therapy
bullet  Post-surgical recovery
bullet  Sinusitis
bullet  Sports injuries
bullet  Stress
bullet  Smoking cessation
bullet  Tendinitis
bullet  Tingling/numbness

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